Sound design showcase.

A quick clip of a game I created in Unreal and used Wwise to implement the sounds. Full walkthrough of the game features & implementation HERE.



Hey, my name is Juuso Tolonen I'm a game sound designer currently living in Tampere, Finland. I find a stupid amount of joy in figuring out a way how to tell a story with sound and how to make that into a functional and immersive part of a fictional world. My latest work includes Hero Siege by Panic Art Studios and I'm currently working in-house at Namida Diamond Factory.

On my spare time I'm currently playing around with Unreal Engine in the hopes of making my own game one day,

I post about my progress on Twitter (@JuusoTolonen) semi-regularly.

I also like to yell in my band Sågverk (Spotify) which is great practice for designing monster sounds!

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