Sound designer on Returnal by Housemarque, released on PS5 in 30th of April 2021.
Sound design for environmental props and implementation.


Another UE4 & Wwise tech demo. This time focused on creating a dynamic ambience system, horse riding systems and some more intricate foley/movement behavior.


Indie game project where I worked as the sole sound designer. Designed and implemented audio. Done in FMOD and Unity.


Unreal & Wwise Demo

Technical Sound Design Demo I made using Unreal and Wwise. All of the game assets are from Epic Marketplace and the game features I've mostly written in Blueprints.
In the video I go through a full breakdown of some of the features in this tech demo. I explain how I designed the sounds, how I implemented them into Unreal using Blueprints and showcase their functionality.


Hero Siege

Panic Art Studios

2.5D Hack 'n slash/ARPG in the style of Diablo 2.
Sound Design & Additional Composing.

Implemented audio using GameMaker Studio 2 & GML.


FMOD & Unity Demo

This is a game I did as a part of Udemy's "Complete C# Unity Developer 3D: Learn to Code Making Games" course. I then designed and implemented all of the audio into the game using FMOD.

Here a more in-depth look at the game:

You can download the game and try it for yourself here:


Battle Buzz Adventures: The Great Honey War

Namida Diamond Factory

Side-scrolling shooter mobile game developed here at Namida Diamond Factory.
I worked as one of the two sound designers and did some additional composing.
Implementation using Unity & DarkTonic MasterAudio middleware.


Cube Redesign

Redesigning and implementing all of the sounds for Wwise Demo project "Cube".

More in-depth design plan:


Hyper Space Commander

Caffeine Overdose

My first game project.
Initially hired to do the music but ended up doing the sound design as well and that's where it all started.